SPA:.   Painless procedures, gentle non- invasive cosmetic therapy.....all services to residents and hotel guests are free



and for tourists ..    for 2020 all services are at 40% off


1.- Standard facial exfoliation and rejuvenation  $30 US.       

           15 Step procedure for eliminating black heads, enlarged pores, acne, small wrinkles.       


2.- MicroDerm Abrasion.  $50 US.             

            For hair regrowth, treatment of acne scars, tattoo removal, stretch marks, fine lines     


3.- Chemical Peel  $75 US/ area.                         

             For fine lines, hyperpigmentation, overall skin rejuvenation, brown aging spots                     

4.- Avatar lifting therapy  $275 US.               

              Non surgical lift for face including eyebrow and eyelids, neck and décolletage     


5.- Cryolipolysis or Ultra Sculpting  $75 US.

                Ultrasound frequency, reduces cellulite, sculpts off areas of excess fat up to 3 cm./ session.                                                       All treatments include after care cream.       results generally seen after 8 sessions      


6.- Massage , Acupressure, Lymphatic drainage $45 US.         

              Circulatory, Sports Injury, Reflexology,vertebral manipulation, specific needs-anxiety, depression, etc lymphatic                       drainage, hot stones technique, articulation sprains, panic attacks, sinusitis, carpal tunnel syndrome,

              trigger finger, dysmennorhea.

7.Electro reflexology $35 Gentle electro magnetic Stimulation of pressure points for well being, weight loss, pain mgmt.