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PHARMACY OR NATURAL?Pharmaceutical science vs. Natural medicine...

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Pharmaceutical science vs. Natural medicine. Pharmaceutical science for the most part is an absolute abandonment of the healing modalities that have sustained humans for centuries. The good news is that many herbalists are still around today passing on the trade of making real medicine using plants. Plants synthesize their own medicine and contain compounds that, when extracted and used correctly, work in conjunction with the human body restoring it's balanced state. Purabella, Natural medicine Extracts is available now in Costa Rica here at Casa Yayaz Hotel and Spa. The extracts are specifically prepared to work with the different systems of the body : the immune, the respiratory, the digestif, the nervous, emotional, the mind, the circulatory and lymphatic Each extract costs 5,000 colones and can be delivered in the area

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